Uber Transportation Services

What I need from you here is an audio clip with your comments on the subject. You can either submit it directly to podcast@ecmev.com or by using the form below.

On the audio clip please say your name (or an alias) please say something realistic something that sounds close to a real name and in the same gender as you are.

Lastly mention roughly what part of the city you are from.

Do you take or have you previously taken the car service called Uber? What were your experiences of your trip?

Uber has been in existence since March 2009 in San Francisco, United States. Today it has operates 70 locations worldwide. To see a list of the Countries where Uber operates Click here.

Uber has in many ways replaced Taxi services due to their cheaper fairs. But I am just curious even though they charge less are their service that exceptional as Taxi services.

I’ve had some people tell me that some of their Uber drivers couldn’t find their location despite giving their precise address and directions and eventually the driver said he could not find it and then the driver decided to end the ride and the customer got charged $5.00 for a (No Show)

Personally I prefer taking taxi’s than giving my money to an unknown agency who employ anyone and everyone who use their personal cars. Especially cars without any security cameras in the vehicle like Taxi’s which is regulated by the City of Ottawa. I’m not sure if the other Cities make it mandatory for their Taxis to have cameras in their cars.

So folks I’d like to know your experience. Do you or have you previously taken Uber and if so have you had a bad experience? If so what was it?

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