Uber Eats Poll

Hello everyone, I have a question for you.

Have you ever ordered from Uber Eats Canada in winter and had your food delivered to
you by a Bike Delivery person? Has your food ever arrived either lukewarm or cold
because of this?

You try to contact Uber Eats and request a refund or a credit because you don’t feel
ordering new food from them only to have them reject you?

This happened to me and my wife a couple days ago where we ordered from a restaurant
that’s about 20 blocks from where we live. For some stupid reason, Uber Eats sent
over a Bicycle Delivery person (in the middle of winter).

By the time the food arrived all the food with the exception of the drinks were
cold. I sent a complaint request a refund for the full amount of the $56.40 with the
exception of the drinks & told them to confirm my message.

I called Uber Eats the next day because they had not replied to my message. They told
me that they would not issue me a refund as per their “guidelines” which I find
strange because they have issued refunds or credits before but I can only assume
because the bill was too high or something.

This frustrates me and I’m curious to see if this type of incredible bad service and
customer service has happened to other people.

Please vote below.