President Donald Trump !!!

What I need from you here is an audio clip with your comments on the subject. You can either submit it directly to or by using the form below.

On the audio clip please say your name (or an alias) please say something realistic something that sounds close to a real name and in the same gender as you are.

Lastly mention roughly what part of the city you are from.

So today for fun lets discuss your President Trump. I say “your” to Americans because I’m Canadian.

So do you Americans who voted for Trump… now that he’s got the big chair and destroying America do you still feel the same lo e for him then before when he was just campaigning?

Also, apparently Trump has something to do with Christians? A couple of Christian “friends” of mine are happy he’s President. I don’t know what the big thing is… First i highly doubt a Christian person would want to build a wall tò keep illegal immigrants from Mexico out of America… Just let Border authorities do their job.

At next election, wiĺl yòu still go for him or have you had enough of his crap?

Any other comments related to Trump.


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