Does Religion really exist?

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Since the beginning of time people have turned to religions and Gods  for guidance and healing. There are different types of churches today,    religions, denominations etc… everyone believing in a different God or apparently that is from what I heard back when I was a in the Christian Faith.

But honestly right now I don’t know what to believe. Right now where I am at and from what I have seen in my life from people that I used to respect when I was Christian and who at the time were Christian leaders, to see now the way they turned out, truly makes me question whether this Christianity thing makes sense,

To be honest in my opinion I think religion just causes war between people. I mean if you think about it, you always see Christian extremists on street corners preaching off the top of their lungs that you need Jesus or you will burn in hell, First of all if that is true… That is not a way to approach someone and get them to listen to you. You will not get someone’s attention by throwing a Bible in their face and yelling at them.

Second the Muslim community. Most of the people hate them because there are a few bad apples in the crop “extremists” You know not all Muslims are terrorists. However the religion just like Christianity has the same thing in common which I DO NOT agree with is that it condemns Homosexuality.

People need to get over this. They need to realize that we are not living in the old ages anymore and that we are looking to the future and they need to stop taking the Koran and Bible word for word.

Personally I would be content if there was no religion whatsoever that way this would solve many wars. 

Any comments on this subject?

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