Do you have an interesting story to share? Then may I introduce if you haven’t already heard of my good friend Chad Vice of the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast.

I’ve known and been friends w/ Chad Vice for about 15 years. He’s one of my best friends.  If you have something to share, he’ll be more than happy to have you on his Show.

If you would like to contact Chad Vice you can send him a message by going to the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast Facebook Business Page.

To listen to the Nobodies are Somebodies Podcast simply put your mouse over the sub-menu and choose “Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast”.  

As for Open Topic, I used to offer Podcast Services. However, for now, I will be using the Podcasts mainly for Media/News events.

Just like the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast to listen to my podcasts put your mouse over the sub-menu and choose “Open Topic (Podcast Section)”.

In addition to Media/News, I also have a Feedback Form where people like you can go and leave your voice feedback on different topics or email me a suggestion on topics that you think people would be interested in talking about.

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