Ottawa’s soon to be LRT

What I need from people like yourselves is your opinion about the New LRT Service that eventually will be comingto Ottawa. Phase 1 is “almost” complete and well who knows about Phase 2. What I need is a simple audio clip which you can attach to the Form below or by sending it directly to

On this audio clip please say your name (or an alias) / you don’t have to give your real name, however please give a realistic name… not like zorba the geek or superman. It has to sound like a real name.

Second, after introducing yourself, mention where you are from as in what part of the city you are from and what you think of thr LRT project. Phase 1 which is apparently almost complete and Phase 2 which god knows when that will that be ready. Maybe by the year 3000. HAHA!

Third, please give your opinion on whether you think the LRT program is / was a good idea for Ottawa and if you don’t, please tell us why and what you think the City should have done, Should they have left things as they were or do a totally new project? If you think a new project… Like what?

Any other comments comments related to the LRT project.

Email is only required if you would like to be notified when Podcast is released.

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