Ontario’s Premier Ford

Well well aren’t we lucky! In the past Toronto had to suffer with a crackhead Mayor… the late Rob Ford and now the province of Ontario was stupid enough to elect his brother Doug Ford as Premier of Ontario for the Conservatives. Our province is going to hell.

What I need from you here is an audio clip with your comments on the subject. You can either submit it directly to podcast@ecmev.com or by using the form below.

On the audio clip please say your name (or an alias) please say something realistic something that sounds close to a real name and in the same gender as you are.

Lastly mention roughly what part of the city you are from.

So my questions are as follows…

1. The folks that voted for Ford to be Premier. Are you happy w/ what he has accomplished so far?

2. The people that did not vote for Ford what are your thoughts now that Ford is Premier?

3. Any other comments not mentioned here related to Ford.

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