Ottawa’s Crime / Our Legal system a joke?

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Is it just my imagination that every day or almost every day i hear of someone getting killed, beaten up, run over by a drunk driver etc…

I can’t speak for the rest of Canada but in my opinion Ottawa has really crappy legal system.

Someone i know got the crap kicked out of them a while back, the Police caught the perp, the whole thing went to court… the guy confessed, hell his lawyer gave the guy a letter of “apology” from the perp!
Despite all that the judge only gave him 14 months for Aggravated Assault. I heard that he was out in 6 months for good behavior.

Like what the hell is that? Meanwhile this guy has to relearn to talk and walk again, so that means years of rehabilitation. His life will never be back to “normal” he’ll have to find a new way to adapt.

But see the justice system is out of wack. Just look at downtown Rideau. Its a bit better now that they are closing McDonald’s earlier but still. There will always be street kids or crackheads / drug dealers, homeless people… not to be rude but people that make Ottawa look bad.

I have no sympathy. I used to be in the hole before but I got help. I have to admit, it took guts to ask for help cuz I’m someone that does things himself but this time I couldn’t.

The Government has back to work job programs for people that want to get a job.

I think the Government is being to slack with giving Welfare / Disability to people. I think that people receiving those types of payments should have to get recertified every so often.

i.e; Welfare cases need to prove they been looking for work every 3 months and have actual valid proof or your cut off.

Disability cases should be reassessed every year by a medical professional. (Not a family doctor where you can easily pay a few dollars but an expert)

Anyhow going back to the justice system and it being to weak, Its to bad that Canada doesn’t have the death penalty anymore like yhey did back in the 1900’s. Then people would think twice about murdering or sexually assaulting someone.

Unfortunately I highly doubt our Country will ever grow balls and bring that law back. That’s 1 thing I like about the United States is the death penalty.

Anyhow what about you? What do you think of Ottawa and our justice system? What do you think when you go downtown on Rideau or on the Market? Do you get infested by parasites?

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