Bicycle Safety

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In the light of recent events where a bicyclist was involved in a deadly hit and run by a driver on Laurier Avenue, I would like to take the time to talk about Bike safety and how sometimes people both drivers and people on bicycles don’t follow the rules. It’s important for everyone to follow the rules.  First off if anyone sees Lang… this idiot here call 613.236.1222 ext 7500 and mention its about the Fatal hit & run case on Laurier and they will transfer you to the proper extension.

Lang Picture taken in 2016

Ok now back as I was saying. For both vehicles and bicycles to be able     to share the road we both need to follow the rules, i.e; Bicycles need       to stop at all red lights, stop signs and follow any other traffic signs         just like all vehicles.  Its funny because when I was younger like in my   late teens one day I was bicking along and I went through a stop sign      without stopping and I got pulled over by a Police Officer on bicycle.  When the cop came over to ask for my ID, I asked him what I had done wrong and thats when he told me that I had run a stop sign. I told him “so?” he told me that even bicycles has to obey the same rules as vehicles. I told him that I had no idea and that I was sorry. He did a background check and because it was my first offence he let me off w/ a warning.

So since then whenever I use my bicycle I obeyed the traffic signs. One thing that mostly bothers me from some bicyclers, its the ones that bike on sidewalks. Its illegal and I wish the police would enforce it more. Its a hassle when your walking and a bike nearly runs you over.

Thats why the City of Ottawa is doing a bunch of bike lanes all over town so that people can bike back and forth through the bike lanes.  

Plus there are lots of bike paths that take you to beautiful places all
through the city. Have any of you been on the bike paths in Ottawa? I used to go when I was younger. I would bring my fishing gear down       the paths and go fish with my friends for fun.  Obviously we wouldn’t     keep the fish since it came from the Ottawa River but it was just               “something to do”

Anyhow leave me your comments below and let me know what you          think about safer driving for both bikers and drivers to keep the city     safer to prevent this crap from happening again.

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