I’m Eric and welcome to my page. I’m an Entrepreneur, I own and operate a couple of Online businesses some of which are listed below. One of them is my Podcast company which is “Open Topic” which one of the products things I offer are podcasts which are currently for the purpose of News/Media.

As a Secondary Podcast option, I have listed under the “Podcast” link the URL of one of my best friend Chad Vice from the “Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast”. Therefore if you are looking for a good podcast to listen or if you have an interesting story to share with the world click on the link above and contact Chad Vice.

P.S. Open Topic also has a Podcast Feedback list with a list of different subjects that you can leave your voice opinion on. To access this Feedback list click here. If you have suggestions you would like to add to this Feedback list send it through the Contact Form and choose the option “Feedback list” option.

Lastly here is a list of my other company;

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